Washington Legislative District 46- Position 1

Eric brown is battling for you


“People are ultimately economically rational.” Doug Schoen, adviser to President Clinton expresses a simple truth. Your state government is not rational! Eric has the will and intelligence to rein in the $4B budget deficit. You should not get new taxes to offset reckless legislative spending. You should get a balanced state budget next session. The Legislature should select an independent financial auditor to conduct a thorough audit of your state budget.

Eric will tackle the homelessness industrial complex draining valuable tax dollars that could instead make measurable improvements in the lives of people experiencing homelessness.

taking government back

The Legislature stands with every citizen in Washington and with police. Cities that defund the police should have allocated and proposed state funding defunded.

Seattle Public Schools per student expenditure is $20,000. Even with instruction online! A COVID-19 credit ranging from $4,500 to $11,000 is due our families.

Eric proposes cuts to one-third of Committees and staff. Requestors of state funds should attach at least one anticipated outcome of programs to all requests.  

Eric Brown is battling until Olympia returns your Legislative District.

Eric J. Brown as a citizen legislative candidate from a CDL driving background, knows it is not enough to recognize legislative policies as counterproductive to the common good, it is not enough to propose constructive policies, but with renewed devotion to the founding mission of the Legislature, Eric seeks to restore the bonds between the people and their elected legislators.