Who Needs Police?

Dear Concerned residents from Seattle City Council District 4, we want to hear about your concerns on reducing police staffing levels 50%. More than us hearing from you, we want City Council President Lorena Gonzalez and Council Member Alex Pederson to hear from you as well. Concerned residents, students, parents, business owners, leaders from civic associations and community association leaders reach out to us and connect as listed below.

Seattle Police Department (SPD) staffing levels were below maximum capacity prior to the statewide response to the pandemic, according to Officer Mike Sloan, President of the Seattle Police Officer’s Guild. President Sloan, was quoted in a My Northwest article by Jason Rantz from April this year.

Short staffing and a King County prohibition against booking misdemeanor offenses in conjunction with stay home, stay healthy preceded an 87% increase in burglaries, city wide. That statistic was raised in the same article referenced above by Jason Rantz. Our campaign cannot conceive that staffing which is currently too low for the critical public safety mission SPD upholds, is going to dramatically increase public safety. We find it hard to believe vulnerable individuals, vulnerable communities and neighborhoods that report high incidences of violence are going to report dramatic improvements in quality of life with dramatic reductions to the understaffed department.

We thank you for reaching out. Let us know how we can serve you above and beyond presenting your concerns to representatives of the council.

Eric and the Bright Daybreak Campaign