Meet Eric


Eric J. Brown as a citizen legislative candidate from a CDL driving background, knows it is not enough to recognize legislative policies as counterproductive to the common good, it is not enough to propose constructive policies, but with renewed devotion to the founding mission of the Legislature, Eric seeks to restore the bonds between the people and their elected legislators.  

Brown worked 112 hours in a week recently, thus positioning himself in the top one percent of his certified security professional peers in Seattle and earned ranking among the top one percent of his peers nationwide. Brown is relentless delivering exceptional customer service while ensuring the safety of the public at a sprawling corporate site, home to companies in the financial services, technology, hospitality and recreation spaces.

In public schools and nonprofit organizations, he fought for educational options for parents to equip and prepare students to ignite a thriving workforce. Truly the advocate of a vigorous k-12 education he believes that increased collaboration from families and supporters of students will increase the level of participation in higher education driving down the soaring costs.

He has always promoted coalitions to work together to embrace differences in people around him while courageously preserving the common good. His vision ever passionate, unique and historic dares to blaze new trails together as a district and for our beloved Evergreen State.


Brown was raised in a mid-western suburb, graduating from Morehouse College with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Going from there to start a career in community corrections and then going on to get certified in physical security working in education, corporate and nonprofit settings. Today he lives near where his wife Alicia’s roots are.  Both of her sisters and their families also live in the 46th district.  The Browns are the proud parents of one joyful child and one beautiful fish.

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

– Martin Luther King Jr.

Gray paneled wood background. Candidate Brown smiling while wearing an American flag mask with the words Vote For Eric. Eric is sporting a white dress shirt and navy tie with thin diagonal stripes.